Monday, February 22, 2010

How not to get invited back to a play date...

Luka and his mom Eva came over for a play date. Luka is about 3 weeks younger than Jack. He is about as tall as Jack but not nearly as heavy. Jack got a little exuberant in playing with Luka. Happily, Luka is tough as nails and took the head pounding with grace and aplomb.

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Sunday breakfast means coffee and the Washington Post

Jack and Jeff spent Sunday morning together while Mark was down visiting his parents.

As you can see below, Jack has skipped over the whole "first word" thing and gone right to being a media and cultural critic. Jack was particularly enthralled with Sir Elton John's philanthropy.

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Daddy Jeff is so sweet.....

Jeff had an early morning trip to Raleigh this morning so he was up before dawn. We came downstairs to the sweetest surprise....a big J for Jack.

Which Jack promptly lit into like he'd not seen food in a week!

Thanks Dad!

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Jen's family!

Jeff, Jack and Mark went out to California to meet Jen's family. As you can see, Jen has a family full of smart strong women! And they all just LOVED Jack.

This is Anna, Jen's grandma. Anna is originally from Kentucky an dhas promised us her secret fried chicken recipe. Hey Anna, we are still waiting! It was so sweet to watch Anna just itching to hold Jack, but waiting patiently for him to warm up to her. Her patience paid off!

This is Jen's mom, Starr. She is a longtime fan of Jack's blog and couldn't have been happier for Jack, Jen, Jeff and Mark.

Anna, Alyssa (Jen's cousin), Starr, Jen, Jack, and Angie (Jen's aunt, Starr's sister).

Same group, but with Alyssa's mom, Jeannette added in the back row. Jen is living with Jeannette and her family while Jen goes to school. Jeff and I were remarking about how Jen's family is really about hard work and education. Jen, Jeannette, and Angie are all working and going to college at the same time. (We know Anna must be very proud.) Alyssa told us that she had her sights set on one college and one college only. . . a little East Coast school called Harvard!
Go Alyssa!

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A boy just knows....

Jeff, Mark and Jack went out to visit Jen (and her very large family!) in California. As you can see in his smile and in his eyes, Jack knows what a wonderful, wonderful woman his mom is.

Thank you Jen for the best thing that ever happened to us.

Mark and Jeff
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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Jack thinks we need to spend more time in the tub...

The HOT TUB that is...!

Happy Jackkkkkkk !!!!

Theresa lives in a beautiful place that sits high up on a mountain side with LA unfolding beneath them. In their backyard there's a great pool and hot tub. Jack, Jeff and Mark relaxed in the tub at the end of a long day. Actually, Jeff and Mark relaxed and Jack went to town. He had so much fun splashing in the water. Here are just a few pics of what pure joy looks like. Jack had too much fun! He's now snoozing upstairs. Happy dreams sweetie!

Visiting California...

Jack and his dads are out in California visiting Jen and her family. On the way there, Jack got a very special treat when he got to spend time with Aunt Theresa, Uncle Michael and Cousin Emily. Theresa and Jack have hit it off like old friends and she is teaching him all sorts of tricks!