Wednesday, August 21, 2013

An amazing day in Washington....

Our little shark has come a long way in a short time, thanks to Super Trainer Shaun.  Jack is officially entering the pantheon of tough guys!  Enjoy. >

Monday, June 24, 2013

Jack's first day at Soccer Camp....

I think he's enjoying himself.  Soccer camp was a hit.  They played games like Treasure Hunt and Walk the Dog ("walk the dog, walk the dog, walk the dog  -- the DOG's OFF THE LEASH (whereupon they boot the heck out of the ball!)

Thursday, April 4, 2013

He's my superhero

Jack and his good buddy Logan are on a play date.  Their secret identities have been revealed.  (Actually they look like they are up to no good....)

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Parade No. 5

So, it was 11:15 pm last night and I was filling eggs and was running out of ideas, when I remembered Jack's favorite thing in the world, Hot Wheels, would fit into the eggs.  I grabbed three of the cars and popped them into the eggs to go along with the chocolate and the "flat candy."  I thought Jack would realize that Mr. E. Bunny had just borrowed from Jack's existing stockpile.  Not so; Jack BELIEVES in the power of the Easter Bunny and was so excited that he brought Jack three exact duplicates of cars that he already had....  I can see how this may require some intellectual tap dancing on my part in the days ahead when Jack begins to look for the duplicates.  Ah well.  As Jack says:  He's a lovely bunny.

Happy Easter!


Easter Parade No. 4

One day Jack will look back and give us an untold amount of grief for passing off fruit leather as Easter candy.  I do like his description of it though....Flat Candy....


Easter Parade No. 3

Whereupon we begin to discover what Mr. E. Bunny has left Jack....


Easter Parade No. 2

And here we are heading into the kitchen, where we find our BIG surprise....


Easter Parade

And now a series of short videos from this morning's Easter Parade beginning at 6:30 am...

There was a map for Jack left by Mr. E. Bunny, as well as signed self portrait.  This is shortly after he woke us up and let us know what was happening...


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Heard at Lauriol Plaza

After listening to Dad and Papa and Grandma and grandpa talk about the papal elections....

Jack looks up and says "Habemus Papa" and then points to me!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Is He Part Chow?

Jack's had a cold recently, and we've finally hit on a way to get him to take cold medicine -- other than holding him down and sticking it in. Candy after a successful dose. Tonight's choice was a bright blue sucker. With predictable results. We always say it's important to brush your tongue ....

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Virginia Beach

Back in the fall, we went to Virginia Beach for a triathlon that Mark was competing in. (Yes, very impressive, isn't it?). Jack helped Papa warm up before the swim leg. He then took the opportunity to do a little surfing of his own.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bath time

Bath time was very placid tonight. (In truth, it's been a little rocky sometimes recently.) And I thought the monochromatic palette was nice too.

I just discovered that blogger crops pictures in the main screen. If you click on the pics, you'll get the whole thing and actually be able to see Jack.

Very literary

Yet again, jack looks better in my reading glasses than I do.

Dramatic Hair

One day a few weeks ago, Jack woke up with truly amazing hair. Evidence of going to bed with wet hair when you need a haircut, I suppose. Poor parenting. But not, as you'll see in the last picture, so bad that we sent him to school looking that way.

What a difference some water on a brush makes. Next, I'm trying that trick of my mom's for messy cheeks - the one involving spit and a thumb.

Christmas in Birmingham

So, the belated posting continues. During Christmas one day we needed to get Jack some exercise, and the weather wasn't so great. What to do? Go to the mall! They still had their Santa setup. I've always thought that purple crushed velvet said bordello more than Christmas, but maybe that's just me.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ending the spam on Jack's blog

A quick update.  I know that all of you are fascinated by the opportunities to learn the latest on what is going on in Bollywood or even meet people from Pakistan but I have decided to add comment protection and "captchas" to cut down on that stuff.  Basically when you comment, it will allow me to preview it before it gets posted.  It will also ask you to type in a nonsense word or two to defeat malicious computerized programs from advertising about the latest snake oil from far flung lands.

Missing all of you and wishing you all a Happy New Years!