Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Parade No. 5

So, it was 11:15 pm last night and I was filling eggs and was running out of ideas, when I remembered Jack's favorite thing in the world, Hot Wheels, would fit into the eggs.  I grabbed three of the cars and popped them into the eggs to go along with the chocolate and the "flat candy."  I thought Jack would realize that Mr. E. Bunny had just borrowed from Jack's existing stockpile.  Not so; Jack BELIEVES in the power of the Easter Bunny and was so excited that he brought Jack three exact duplicates of cars that he already had....  I can see how this may require some intellectual tap dancing on my part in the days ahead when Jack begins to look for the duplicates.  Ah well.  As Jack says:  He's a lovely bunny.

Happy Easter!

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