Saturday, April 24, 2010

Jack's vocabulary as of April 24, 2010

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Jack's words thus far:

Dah - means Dad, Papa. Also means "I am awake and it's time to get up and get me out of the crib." Also means "that" as in "I would very much like to have that...."


Boon - Jack's version of balloon


Nama - this has two meanings; one general and one specific. The general meaning is anything in a picture frame. The specific meaning is one of his grandparents.

chzszzsz - Cheese

Agua, Aguaita - water.


Vroom - car.

Mmmmmmmmm - that's good, reallll good.

Uh-hmmmmm - yes.

Un-unnnn - no.

Uh-oh - Whoops.

Tik ah - Tucker; also means Jake.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday night, Spring 2010

It's Friday night. It's been a long week.

Jeff is upstairs taking a nap. Jack is down for the night. I am in the kitchen listening to Debussy's Clair de Lune, one of Mom's favorite pieces of piano music (or at least that is what we, her children, have so designated).

During her funeral mass, Jenny hired a harpist to play it at a moment of meditation in the mass. As I listened to it, I just fell apart. Completely and utterly. The music opened up an escape valve that was just waiting to blow as all the grief welled up, seeking any weak spot to push out, flood through, overwhelm, some way, some how.

And yet there was this little boy there at my side, who didn't understand what was going on and couldn't possibly understand why his Dad would be sad.

As sad as I was, I was more worried about the affect of my grief on Jack. He and I didn't have the words to communicate that it was ok, I was just sad. I was ok, but sad.

Taking a page out of my Mom's book, I suppressed it as well as I could because, according to Gert, your kids come first. That was her rule and it was not to be violated. I tried to find happiness in the music that she had played time and again on the old Packard baby grand piano in our living room.

So now, with the house quiet, the guys asleep and me alone and quiet, I am diving into the music. I am playing it over and over and really really trying to listen to it as she did when she played it.

I miss you Mom.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I'm a walkin' man....

Jack has really taken off over the last few days. For the last month or so, he's been walking around the house with one hand on a wall, a table, a chair, or a daddy. He seemed to like the security of knowing something solid was within reach. If he got nervous or unsure, he would just plop down on his behind. Suddenly this weekend, he figured it out. He was free. He could go where he wanted. He DIDN'T NEED WALLS TO LEAN ON!

The upside of all of this is he is wearing himself out during the day. The latest videos from Jack-land.
video video

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Rockin' the Casbah...

Aunt Jenny, Martinique and Sage brought Jack an old rocking chair that belonged to Uncle John when he was young. Jack and Grandpa Gordon took it out for a swing and boy did Jack have fun....

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Three generations of Seiferts...

One morning during Dad's recent visit. Jack was more interested in reading than getting his picture taken...which of course makes us all proud!
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Move over Sergei Bubka, there's a new kid on the block....

Jack is practicing his pole vaulting. He can't wait for Grandpa Gordon to start coaching him.
It is important to get a good "plant" with your pole; this is where the jump is made or broken.
You need to reach high up on the pole and stttrrreeettttcccchhhh up to get full extension.

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Sometimes you will do just about anything to get them to eat....

Jeff avec un chapeau cheerio.
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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dad and son out for a stroll in the lovely country side

Easter weekend, we went out to the absolutely incredibly beautiful country manse of our friends Will and Joe. Saturday, Jack got to see lots of preppy people watching horses jump over fences in a cow pasture....or as we say in Virginia, a steeple chase.

Sunday, we got up and went for a walk.

Now that Jack is walking, whole new vistas have opened up for us. So above is a pic of himself and his lovely dad out for a stroll. If you look closely you can see Jack and his dad having a chat while they walk. I imagine that there are going to be many, many more of these chats in the future.
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Breakfast is time for hilarity...

Just a typical Saturday morning at breakfast time.

Jack appears to like to feed us his food. If we get a little bit of his finger in the process, it seems to crack him up.

Jack likes his ball. REALLY likes his ball.

His ball has not replaced Tucker and Jake, yet. But Mr. Jackson is firmly, decidedly, hilariously in love with his BALL! Margarita has been working the Latino angle of his heritage by teaching him how to kick it so he will be a great soccer player. I am working with him on dribbling because I am pretty sure he's not going to be 6'8" so he's going to need to learn to be a point guard.

Mostly he likes to hold it and roll it right now...which is fine.
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Thursday, April 1, 2010