Sunday, January 29, 2012

Grandma Linda and Grandpa George score big with Very Vera

After a small snafu with UPS, Jack received a fantastic birthday cake from a company named Very Vera.

I have had a lot of food delivered over the years and I have to say: Grandma Linda knocked it out of the park with this cake: Raspberry Lemonade was the name. Three layers, two layers were raspberry/strawberry cake and the middle layer a lemon cake. Topped with an icing of cream cheese flavored with lemon.

We cracked it open today and gave Jack a slice after dinner. I am not sure he breathed the entire time he was taking it down.

Later on, after we put him to bed, we had some ourselves for dessert. Jeff heard Jack upstairs and went up to check on him. After Jeff got him back in his bed, Jeff bent over to kiss him goodnight. Jack said "Daddy, I want to smell your teeth." He asked Jeff what he'd been eating and Jeff confessed some of Grandma Linda's cake. In a low gutteral voice, Jack said:

That cake is gooooood.

Thanks Grandma Linda and Grandpa George!

Lightening McQueen, Mater and seven 3-6 years old descend...

Thank the Lord for my sister, Mary Ann. Two days before the big party, we called her for advice. In about seven minutes, she'd come up with eight Lightening McQueen-themed games perfect for a group fo 3-6 year olds. She had food, decorations, music and party favors. She was born to throw fabulous parties for kids and all on a budget. I am waiting for her book.

We had about seven kids and their parents over, my sister Jenny and her daughter Martinique, and Jack's nanny Margarita, her daughter Mariann, and Mariann's children Natalie and Baby Gio. It was a house-full and we had a blast. The kids mostly loved playing with someone else's toys and the cupcakes.

Margarita and Mike celebrate Jack's Birthday

Sweet Margarita made Jack some yummy cinnamon muffins. On his birthday, we popped in a candle and sang Happy Birthday. Mike serenaded him in English and Spanish. We opened up a few presents and whisked him off to bed for the big birthday party the day after.

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Uncle Mike comes to visit...and to do good

Over the years, Uncle Mike has provided us with many, many opportunities to be so proud. the week of Jack's birthday, he gave us one more time to think "well done."

There is a lawsuit in Texas right now about redistricting. Mike was asked to testify about what it meant to not have representation based on his experiences over the last 22 years in the poorest place in America. He was the last witness of the day before a federal district court in Washington DC. There were three judges. In his testimony, Mike told stories; real, heartbreaking, poignant, gripping stories. Everyone in the courtroom was riveted -- including the opponents.

At one point, he had many of us in tears. There will be a decision soon and who knows how it will come out. However it is resolved, his voice - which speaks for the countless people he works with - will be a part.

Mom would be so proud.

Grandma Ruth's Balloons

Grandma Ruth has put it upon herself to single-handedly reinvigorate the US postal service with a series of fantastic pre-birthday cards and gifts. She also made sure that the house was absolutely festive for the day of the big party. Grandpa Ray also provided Jack with a big surprise: a LeapPad. Jack has already figured out how to turn it on and play with the puppy dogs.

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Happy 3rd Birthday Jackson

This is the first birthday that Jack actually understands.

He gets that he was born on the 20th of January.

He gets that he is going to receive gifts and that there will be a party and a cake.

Just to make sure that we haven't lost focus that we are working with Jack here, he also gets that he's now three years old.

So when you ask him "How old are you?", he says with a slight ironic twist to his lips "Two months old."

After repeated entreaties, he has not wavered. It's just the latest in his long running campaign:

You think you are in charge are not.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Grandma Ruth!

In honor of your birthday, I decided to have an ICE CREAM SANDWICH!!!!!
I love you soooooooo much Grandma. Hurry back so I can see you again.

Muchos besos,


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