Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Gertrude Mulvaney Seifert; Oct 1, 1927 - Mar 10, 2010

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The following was written by my sister and used in the program for Mom's Mass.

A Mother’s Touch

When we think of our mom, we think of her hands. Average in size, nails trimmed—never too long—and adorned by one ring in particular-a white gold, square-shaped wedding ring. These were the hands that tucked us in each night, squeezed a little too hard when we strayed from expected behavior, and fingered a rosary more times than can be counted. They kneaded bread for cinnamon rolls and peeled potatoes, or mixed dirt for some new plant or exotic Japanese tree. They held us close, held us accountable, and patted our backs as she sought sleep. They cradled babies, held cards, mops, and telephones. They wiped away tears, spread on layers of Neosporin, presented horrible tasting medicines, and firmly placed numerous thermometers in our unwelcoming mouths. If you were lucky enough to squeeze in next to her at church she would hold your hand in such a way that told you, “Good job, you are here.”

These hands flew over typewriter and piano keys, packed lunches, and poured gallons of hot peanut brittle. Tenderly they stitched wedding veils, hemmed countless pairs of pants, and fed material through sewing machines. These were the hands that took down the gray-flowered china each Easter, the ones that ironed the linen tablecloth and polished the living room floors.

As she passes on, we hold her hands one last time and feel an overwhelming sadness, but not for very long. She has given us far too many gifts to idle away our time mourning. There are so many things for us to do with our own hands; letters to write, tears to wipe, and children to guide. We have our partners to hold and our own children to lead. We ourselves will pray, holding hands clasped together much like she did for us for so many years.

Grandma Gert

I am sorry that I have not posted very much at all recently.

On March 10, at 5:15 pm CST, my Mom, Grandma Gert passed away. She was surrounded by most of her children and her husband of 56 years. Although she was non-responsive for the last day or two, she was constantly attended to. We whispered things in her ear, we told her stories, we prayed, we laughed and we cried.

During those last hours, I had some time alone with her. I told her how much I loved her and how much I was going to miss her. I thanked her for giving me such a good life and for being such a good parent. I also told her that she and Dad gave me the strength and conviction to pursue my dream of being a parent. I told her how happy we were with Jack; a happiness we didn't even know existed, a happiness that I knew she had experienced in spades.

I then asked her to watch closely over him.

If her time with Jack during his first year is any indication, I believe that Jack is well-taken care of in the guardian angel department....

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Jack in a hat...and Jeff after a run...

[Catching up on some's been a busy few weeks. This takes place in early March.]

Jeff has just come in from a run and we decide to do one of our favorite things . . . put a hat on Jack. When I say "our" that is exclusive of Jack, because it is decidedly NOT one of his favorite things. But, as with all things, Jack is a good sport and he lets us have our fun.

Now Jeff may look a little pale in these pictures and it would be sensible to attribute that to the incredibly long winter we've just endured. In truth, it has to do with Jack's penchant for waking up at 4:30 or 5 am. Thank all of the cherubim and seraphim that he has finished with that little phase for now!

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Thursday, March 18, 2010


Jeff and I are so excited to bring you the following video. Many of our friends have told us this day would come and it is FINALLY here! We are very excited. We have been doing the requisite analysis and have narrowed down the indicators to the following:

the next Baryshnikov
the next Usain Bolt
the next Brian Boitano

Happy to hear your analysis of what the future holds....

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's Aunt Theresa's 50th Birthday...

Jack says:

"Have a great birthday, Auntie T!"

Jack thinks she doesn't look a day over 30 and he can't wait to come back and play in her hot tub. Hope you get all the cake and champagne you want today....

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Someone is in love with his new stroller....

It is tangerine and only weighs 11 oz. as compared to the Urban Assault Stroller, Mr. Bob.

We are so READY for Spring.

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Today it begins...

Today, Margarita started full time with us. A Seifert family tradition requires the public posting of signs to mark big events.

Jack just LOVES Margarita. And Margarita is smitten with him.

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Mobile dinner...

Jack is starting to find his voice. And apparently, he found it in a wind tunnel because he can get LOUD. Seriously, astoundingly loud. I called my sister Mary Ann and said "I think I have a loud child..." She laughed and said "Are you really surprised?"

We think some of it has to do with his frustration about wanting to communicate but not having the words. He continues to surprise us with his ability to get his message across. The other day, while in his high chair, he was verging on a major fit pointing across the room and SuperSlow Daddy finally figured out that Jack was pointing at a sippy cup waaayyyy across the room. Himself was thirsty and his caretaker hadn't figured it out! Jack immediately reverted to sweet and happy mode when I finally figured out what the deal was. Now it has become a bit of a Sherlock Holmes game for me - what is it that Jack is trying to say?

The flip side is that we are now asking more of him since he's demonstrated a higher level of understanding.

These photos involve a particularly loud night when Jack wanted to get down from his high chair but had not had enough food. Not so sure this had to do with the inability to communicate as much as boredom with his current surroundings.

So Jeff improvised and moved dinner to the stairs. As you can see, Jack loves dining al fresco!

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